Penobscot Wherry Rowing Boat By Dale Cottrell


Pure elegance.

This gorgeous wherry was inspired by the old Maine salmon wherries (and who understands the need of a proper boat more than a fishermen who depended on one for his livelihood). Designed for today’s modern mariners by naval architect Richard Lagner, NA. With her beautiful sweeping sheerline she will turn heads whether you are on the water, the beach or the road.

Created to look like the finest of traditional wooden boat, our fiberglass Penobscot Wherry is available in rowing, sailing and power models. And all features can be combined in one boat.

The Penobscot Wherry inherits high sided safety from its traditional workboat predecessor and incorporates concave bow curvature for smooth rowing through choppy water. The lightweight hull is of sufficient length to comfortably carry a family and yet easily be handled by one person.

Our finely detailled hulls are expertly hand-laminated fiberglass composite. The exterior is an oyster white gel coat. The grand banks beige interior (with floatation bow and stern and under the curved amidship thwarts) is finished with a 10 ounce cloth assuring a crisp smooth finish. Our Penobscot Wherry features a distinctive curved wineglass transom and a wooden stem head. Equipped with two rowing station with bronze oarlocks. Can be rowed single or double. All woodwork including transom is teak, mahogany or white oak.

Our fiberglass wherries are so finely crafted and detailed that you will think you are looking at a wooden boat. The perfect boat for fishing, an early morning row or an afternoon’s gunkholing expedition.

Our Penobscot wherry comes equipped with one pair of fine Shaw & Tenney flat blade spruce oars.



LOA : 15′

BEAM: 52”

WEIGHT:125 lbs.


WHITE OAK $9,459 +$ 495
MAHOGANY $9,975 +$ 860
TEAK $10,850 +$ 1,750


Custom Color: $150

Boat Cover: $600

Pair Shaw & Tenney 7′ 1/2 flat blade oars: $315

Bolt in motor well with silicon gasket and interchangeable filler plate: $850



  • centerboard
  • standing lug rig(varnished spruce spars and 95sq.ft sail)
  • mahogany kick up rudder & tiller
  • Alden Row Wing: $950
  • Alden Carbon Fiber Macon Oars: $550


Boats can be crated and shipped anywhere. Call 207.548.0094 or e-mail for a quote.

All prices are subject to change.

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3 Responses to “PENOBSCOT WHERRY”
  1. Peter Bruce says:

    I live in South Africa and am totally in love with your Wherry. Do you have idea how much it would cost to build one (teak and with boat covers) with a sliding seat and oars and crate and ship it Cape Town?

    • lynn says:

      Hi Mr. Bruce, Thank you for contacting us.We love the wherry too it is our favorite boat to row! I am sorry for the delay for some reason I did not get your email until today. Were you thinking of the Penobscot wherry in wood or fiberglass? Either way fiberglass or glued lap wood epoxy with teak trim,custom cover,row wing sliding seat and carbon fiber macon oars would be 12,950. I will get back to you shortly with shipping costs.I am curious how did you hear about us?
      Kind regards,
      Lynn Cottrell

  2. Jerry Warren says:

    Boat building is a hobby of mine and as a result I enjoy looking at pictures of boats with sweet lines. I have opened your site several times just to look at the Penobscot Wherry. Is it possible to get a print of one of the photos I could produce into a wall hanging? My favorite is the dock water shot.

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