Tadpole with Mahogany Trim

Article about the Tadpole( our 10′ whitehall tender) in Wooden Boats Monthly

A very informative and flattering article about the Tadpole Tender,our 10′ Whitehall inspired tender. Written by Chris Cunningham in the February issue of Wooden Boats Small Boat Monthly. Jeff Bowlby purchased one of our 10″ Tadpole Tenders to tend his new Hinckley Picnic Boat last summer. Jeff was adamant about having a beautiful tender to accompany his beautiful new hinckley.He wanted his tender to be traditional in spirit but also be easy to manage and maintain.

Jeff and Chris met up on Lake Union to do a test drive of the Tadpole. We think you will like what he has to say.

You can read it here   http://smallboatsmonthly.com/?issue=february-2017