5 essential boating books that we love

Cottrell Boatbuilding boating books

Everyone has their own opinion for which books they include onboard. Here are five books that we think are excellent choices for any onboard library. Now is a great time of year to be brushing up on safety and boating basics. From tying knots to reading nautical charts, our list has you covered. Chapman Piloting…

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Here Is Why You Never Whistle On A Boat

whistling child

Whistling on a boat is bad luck Sailors have long known that you never whistle on a boat for it brings terrible luck. While it may be easy to laugh off old seafaring superstitions, there may be some solid reasons for why sailors believed them. If you’ve ever been on the ocean then you know…

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Here’s Why We Cut A Hole In That Beautiful Catspaw

cutting the catspaw

Here’s Why We Cut A Hole In That Beautiful Catspaw In finishing up the Catspaw for sailing we had to cut a hole in the bottom to install a centerboard case. This basically involves building a box to fit over the centerboard to keep the water out. But there is definitely a moment when we…

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5 Overlooked Benefits of Rowing for Older Women

Tadpole a Maine Whitehall

Rowing for older women is an activity that can be hugely beneficial. It addresses five critical health issues including arthritis and osteoporosis. Did you know that older women are more likely than men to develop serious health problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis? Older women are more vulnerable to suffering from a range of conditions…

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A Tale of Two Classic Moth Boats

Classic Moth Boats Classic Moth Boats are a wooden boat builder’s dream project. You might know us for building our Penobscot Wherries, Maine Whitehalls, and the Catspaws. We’re even known for our restoration projects, and giving out advice on how to take loving care of your small craft sailing boats. But did you know that…

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Wooden Boat Maintenance 101

wooden boat maintenance

Basic Wooden Boat Maintenance 101 Spring is coming! Get ready for the water with this quick wooden boat maintenance guide. With a little bit of time, a few supplies, and most of all some spring fever, you can get your boat ready fast. Whether it’s your tender, rowboat or fishing vessel, all wooden boats require…

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