Joel White’s adaptation of the elegant Columbia Dinghy.  Slightly larger than the original by Herreshoff, she is capable of carrying quite a load. She rows well, and, she’ll row even better with a load making her a perfect tender.

Dale Cottrell’s adaptation of Herreshoff’s Columbia Dinghy is slightly smaller than the original making her the perfect tender when a slightly smaller one is desired.

The proverbial classic row boat– beautiful lines, rows like a dream, we build three sizes to fit your needs.

Pure elegance. A centuries old design that is still relevant today.

A great tender from the past.  These tenders have plied the waters of New England and beyond for many years and understandably so.

Check out our custom boats.  Many of our customers have come to us with a design in mind.  See the results here.

"The lines are beautiful, it’s light and maneuverable, and you feel like you’ve beaten the world at its own game when you’re the only one out on the water in the morning."

John H.  Whitehall owner