Catspaw Dinghy

Our Catspaw Dinghy is Joel White's interpretation of Nat Herreshoff's  classic Columbia Dinghy. The Catspaw Dinghy is the perfect choice for those who need a larger yacht tender. It is a lovely boat to row and is stiff enough under sail to stand up to a good breeze.

One of our favorite customers has owned his catspaw dinghy we built for him for ten years. He says,"It may possibly be the best investment I have ever made, at least the most soul satisfying one."

Whether your intention is an energetic morning row in the bay, or perhaps an afternoon adventure with the kids on the high seas, or maybe just messing about in those last few hours at dusk when the rest of the world seems so far away, the Catspaw dinghy will fit your needs perfectly.

Our Catspaw dinghy is built to our uncompromising standards in the traditional manner using native Maine cedar over white oak with bronze and copper fastenings and hardware. Additionally, it can be oiled, varnished or painted in your choice of colors.  Catspaw is equipped with a spritsail rig and comes with one pair of handmade flat blade spruce oars made by Wes Reddick of Rowers Oars.

Lastly, she can be finished in Mahogany or Teak.

Catspaw Dinghy Specifications

  • LOA: 12' 9"
  • Beam: 4' 6"
  • Draft (centerboard up) 6 1/2"
  • centerboard down 1' 6"
  • Comes complete with one pair of handmade-leathered spoons made by Wes Reddick of Rowers Oars.
  • Weight: 150lbs
  • Mahogany: $22,995
  • Teak: $23,995

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All prices are subject to change.