Chaisson Dory

A great tender from the past

These Maine-built tender row boats have plied the waters of New England and beyond for many years and understandably so.

Originally built in the Swampscott Massachusetts boat shop of George Chaisson, these tender row boats are ranked with the most respected small boat designs of Herreshoff and Lawley. John Gardner of Mystic Seaport Museum and author of Building Small Craft said this about the Chaisson Dory tender:

"They tow beautifully, row and handle well and have exceptional carrying capacity and are fine sea boats.  In addition they are strong and rugged...great for  landing on a beach."

We couldn't agree more or say it any better than John did.

Our Chaisson Dory tender row boats are built using the lapstrake construction technique to produce an extremely strong, long lasting boat that is easy to maintain and won't dry out and leak when left out of the water.

The stems are laminated using either douglas fir or mahogany. All woodwork including transom is teak or mahogany.  All hardware and fastenings are silicon bronze and each boat comes with two rowing stations.  This provides proper balance when loaded down or rowing alone.  Comes with one pair of handmade spruce flat blade oars, made by Wes Reddick of Rowers Oars.

Chaisson Dory Tender Specifications

  • LOA: 10' 2"
  • Beam: 4' 6"
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Includes one pair of handmade-leathered spoons made by Wes Reddick of Rowers Oars.
  • Mahogany: $8,195 Add floorboards: $749
  • Teak: $8,695

Boats can be crated and shipped anywhere.

All prices are subject to change.