Wooden Boat’s article about our Penobscot Wherry, published in Small Boats Monthly

Here is a great article about our Penobscot Wherry written by Ben Fuller: Ben has written for WoodenBoat,and many other traditional boating publications.He was first curator at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. As well as manager at the curatorial department at Mystic Seaport where he was responsible for the traditional boat programs led by John Gardner and […]

Article about the Tadpole( our 10′ whitehall tender) in Wooden Boats Monthly

A very informative and flattering article about the Tadpole Tender,our 10′ Whitehall inspired tender. Written by Chris Cunningham in the February issue of Wooden Boats Small Boat Monthly. Jeff Bowlby purchased one of our 10″ Tadpole Tenders to tend his new Hinckley Picnic Boat last summer. Jeff was adamant about having a beautiful tender to […]

Fiddlehead Tender Maine Boat 2014

Fiddlehead Tender a traditional plank on frame tender

Our Fiddlehead Tender is derived from the Herreshoff Columbia dinghy. We built this dinghy for a client who liked the Columbia but needed it smaller. The result is our Fiddlehead Tender. A wonderful traditional tender that rows like a feather. Traditionally built using native Maine cedar over white oak, finished in teak, mahogany or white […]

Tadpole whitehall 10ft 2014

10′ Maine Whitehall Tender “Tadpole”

  There are plenty of dinghies at the dock,but not many of them are proper Yacht Tenders. This one is. Scaled down from our Maine Whitehall she has all the wonderful rowing and carrying attributes that a good Whitehall is known for,making her a fabulous tender. Plenty of room for all your passengers and gear […]

Catspaw Wooden Sail Boat 2014


Our Catspaw Dinghy is Joel White’s interpretation of Nat Herreshoff’s  classic Columbia Dinghy. The Catspaw Dinghy is the perfect choice for those who need a larger yacht tender. It is a lovely boat to row and is stiff enough under sail to stand up to a good breeze. One of our favorite customers has owned […]

Penobscot Wherry Rowing Boat By Dale Cottrell


PENOBSCOT WHERRY: Pure elegance. Inspired by the old Maine salmon wherries her old world handling abilities are immediately apparent and appreciated.Our Penobscot Wherry has a rounded hull that is both double ended on the waterline(makes rowing a breeze) and has a narrow but flat bottom for easy launching and landing on the beach. Her sweeping […]


CHAISSON DORY: A great tender from the past. These tenders have plied the waters of New England and beyond for many years and understandably so. Originally built in the Swampscott Massachusetts boat shop of George Chaisson, these tenders are ranked with the most respected small boat designs of Herreshoff and Lawley. John Gardner of Mystic […]


NONPAREIL SLOOP: A gaff rigged modified sharpie… Nonpareils roots can be traced back to the Chesapeake bay boats of the late 1800’s. Newly designed for today’s sailor  by Phillip H. Kendrick. Perfect for the small family or the old salt who just wants to enjoy a quiet afternoon sail. This trailerable shallow draft day sailor with […]