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Captain’s Blog

Chaisson Dory in Small Boats Monthly

“Chaisson Dory, more than a tender” article by Doug Eckmann in May 2016 issue of Small Boats Monthly. I live in Fort Myers Beach, a small town on Estero Island on the southwest coast of Florida. Estero is a barrier island with a long, shallow-sloping ... Read More »

Two Moths in Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors

“Two Moths” Article in issue #133, February/March 2015 about Cottrell Boatbuilding custom wooden boats by Carl Cramer. In October 2014, Cottrell Boatbuilding of Searsport, Maine, delivered a pair of custom-designed and -built classic Moths to a customer in Cold Spring, New York. The customer, New ... Read More »

Penobscot Wherry in Small Boats Monthly

“The Penobscot Wherry, a nicely mannered rowboat” article by Ben Fuller in October 2014’s issue of Small Boats Monthly about their round-bottomed dory. The Penobscot Wherry from Cottrell Boatbuilding of Searsport, Maine, is based on the Lincolnville salmon wherry, a beamy high-volume boat used to ... Read More »