Penobscot Wherry Rowing Boat By Dale Cottrell


Pure elegance.

Inspired by the old Maine salmon wherries her old world handling abilities are immediately apparent and appreciated.Our Penobscot Wherry has a rounded hull that is both double ended on the waterline(makes rowing a breeze) and has a narrow but flat bottom for easy launching and landing on the beach.

Her sweeping sheer will bring you joy every time you see her.

She is quite possibly the best fishing boat there is and also the perfect boat for rowing your cherished ones around the pond.

Her sailing performance is spirited enough to excite the experienced sailor and yet within the capability
of an interested beginner by sailing well in a light breeze.With its standing lug rig which has no cables or fittings its simplicity allows one person to easily step the mast and hoist the sail with one line.

Handcrafted of high performance marine plywood and epoxy. This method assures a strong lightweight hull.Painted in your choice of color.Gunwales and thwarts in your choice of oak, mahogany or teak. Bronze oarlocks. Comes with one pair of Shaw and Tenney leathered spoons.



LOA : 15′

BEAM: 52”

WEIGHT:125 lbs.


WHITE OAK   13,459.    749.00
MAHOGANY   13,995     949.00
TEAK    call for pricing



Boat Cover: $650

Pair Shaw & Tenney 7′ 1/2   spoons  388.00

Contrasting sheer strake                    300.00


SAIL PACKAGE $6,000.00
  • centerboard
  • standing lug rig(varnished spruce spars)
  •  95 square foot sail
  • mahogany kick up rudder & tiller


Boats can be crated and shipped anywhere. Call 207.548.0094 or e-mail for a quote.

All prices are subject to change.


3 Responses to “PENOBSCOT WHERRY”
  1. Peter Bruce says:

    I live in South Africa and am totally in love with your Wherry. Do you have idea how much it would cost to build one (teak and with boat covers) with a sliding seat and oars and crate and ship it Cape Town?

  2. lynn says:

    Hi Mr. Bruce, Thank you for contacting us.We love the wherry too it is our favorite boat to row! I am sorry for the delay for some reason I did not get your email until today. Were you thinking of the Penobscot wherry in wood or fiberglass? Either way fiberglass or glued lap wood epoxy with teak trim,custom cover,row wing sliding seat and carbon fiber macon oars would be 12,950. I will get back to you shortly with shipping costs.I am curious how did you hear about us?
    Kind regards,
    Lynn Cottrell

  3. Is it possible to get teak seats on the penobscot wherry? And what is a bolt in motor well? Could you give a ball park figure for delivery to Oak Forest,illinois 60452? Thank you