Cottrell Boatbuilding's custom boat work has been featured in many places. Click on any of the images below to read the article.

 "Two Moths" Article in issue #133, February/March 2015 about Cottrell Boatbuilding custom wooden boats.

"The Penobscot Wherry, a nicely mannered rowboat" article in October 2014's issue of Small Boats Monthly about their round-bottomed dory.

Cottrell's 10' Whitehall article in February 2017 issue of Small Boats Monthly.

"Chaisson Dory, more than a tender" article in May 2016 issue of Small Boats Monthly.

"Dale and his sons, Ben and Seth, are true artisans.  They know their craft well.  I am particularly satisfied with the high level of craftsmanship and quality of materials used.  This Fiddlehead dinghy has added a whole new level to my boating experience.  I could write a book about it."

~Steve Hopkins, Schooner Audacity

close up of Tadpole

"Smell the sea and feel the sky

let your soul and spirit fly."

Van Morrison