Testimonials From Cottrell Boat Owners


I’ve used my Fiddlehead dinghy for a year now and am very happy to report that it rows and tows straight, true and easy. It rows very easily even into the wind and tide. I’ve used it to explore many large harbors,collecting many compliments along the way. I’ve towed it along the coast from Maine to North Carolina with no trouble. I am particularly satisfied with the high level of craftsmanship and quality of materials used. Dale and his son Seth are true artisans.They know their craft well.This dinghy has added a whole new level to my boating experience.I could write a book about it.

Steve Hopkins-Schooner Audacity,Fiddlehead owner



Last fall, after selling my 25-year old, 250 pound Whitehall, I purchased Dale Cottrell’s demo from the previous season. I have rowed weekends all summer, and it’s a pleasure to use. Light and easy to handle single-handed, I used a Trailex SUT-200 to transport it, and outfitted it with a pair of Van Fancy spoon-blade oars, excellent quality at about 1/2 the price of Shaw and Tenneys. The workmanship of Dale’s boats is outstanding, and as they’re pretty much made to order, he’ll deliver exactly what you want. I built an adjustable footrest in mine, which was very helpful when rowing from the bench seat, giving me excellent leverage without a sliding seat.

Mark V. – Whitehall owner



As for testimonial, all I can say is that I love it. The lines are beautiful, it’s light and maneuverable, and you feel like you’ve beaten the world at its own game when you’re he only one out on the water in the morning. It has given me a way to stay on the water year round. I’ve seen sunrises and moonsets, snuck up on flocks of Scooters and Buffleheads, seen shooting stars and heard owls calling each other in the woods miles away. The peace that comes from gliding across the water in silence is not to be believed. Thanks again.

John H. – Whitehall owner.



We bought a boat from Cottrell Boat Building after doing extensive research. We found their boats reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing and great performers. We are satisfied customers.

Pam and Nat – Puffin owner



Hi lynn and Dale,I want you to know how much I am enjoying my new Whitehall.There hasn’t been but two days,which were rather windy, that I haven’t been cruising the lake with it.I guess I had in the back of my mind what I wanted and what I wanted to do with it,but it has truly surpassed my expectations. The early morning rowing is so beautiful while watching the fish jump and the birds. I listen to music with my headphones and before I know it a whole hour has gone by…for me it is just captivating. Watching the sunrises and sunsets while rowing are spectacular. I love the ease and smoothness of the Piantedosi rowing rig…it is so rhythmic and it seems the boat just flies along. It is everything and more,that I had hoped for,and I thank you so much. I have also been complimented on what a fine craft your Whitehall is and how nice the woodworking on it is. They have inquired as to where I got it and I have passed your name on with great pride. I hope that generates some calls your way. One fellow was particularly interested in the sailing options as well. As you know I grew up on the water and I have always been magnetically drawn to it. This boat gives me genuine peace and pleasure as well as great exercise. The only drawback I have found is that I get SO caught up in it while I am out there I sometimes forget to turn around while I still have enough energy to get back!!! I will send along some photos when I get some.Thanks again and please keep in touch .

Donna- Whitehall owner



As a happy owner of a Cottrell Maine Whitehall, I can tell you that you won’t find a better designed and built boat. His intelligent designs are informed by expert knowledge of boatbuilding,as well as a lifelong knowledge and respect for the ocean. His craftsmanship is meticulous-at a level that I had previously only expected of an expert violin maker.I row alone,in the Atlantic off mid-coast Maine. I never felt quite safe in a kayak. I love being in my Whitehall and I feel liberated due to my increased security the boat gives me. Meanwhile, she allows me to move at a good clip though I’m not very strong,so I get to see a surprising number of sights in a couple hours time. There is a simplicity about Dale’s boats–to row Dale’s boat is a meditation,an honor, and an absolute gift. If you order a boat,you will likely speak to Lynn Cottrell,as she is the people person behind Dale’s work. They are an amazing team. She is funny,utterly with-it,attends to every detail immediately,and is endlessly willing to spend time with an interested buyer helping them sort out their decisions and needs–in all, an impeccable communicator.  I feel lucky to have met them both,and could not be happier with my decision to buy a Cottrell boat in every way.

Mary Alice- Whitehall owner