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Here Is Why You Never Whistle On A Boat

Whistling on a boat is bad luck

Sailors have long known that you never whistle on a boat for it brings terrible luck. While it may be easy to laugh off old seafaring superstitions, there may be some solid reasons for why sailors believed them.

If you’ve ever been on the ocean then you know how scary it can feel. That sinking feeling of dread at how small you are. The horror of knowing how little control you have over the weather. With giant seas and unpredictable storms, sailors created sets of rules to sail by. These rules, or superstitions, are basically what kept them sane.

Can you imagine crossing the ocean on a boat, with no modern conveniences like radios or a weather app? Suddenly, sea monsters, ghostly visions, and superstitious habits all make a whole lot of sense.

Whistling on a boat was thought to conjure up a good breeze.

And if you think about it, sailors probably did a fair deal of whistling – what else was there to do? Whistling must have helped sailors to pass the time and feel like they had control over mother nature. When the air was stagnant and the ship not moving, whistling could make sailors feel like they could be productive in literally moving things along.

  • But, be warned, because whistling into the wind would bring on more than a breeze; it would brew a storm.
  • Here are some other fun weather-related superstitions:
  • Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.
  • Rain at seven means fine by eleven.
  • Rain is coming if you see a ring around the moon.
  • Clapping on a boat will bring thunder and lightning.
  • Throwing rocks and stones in the sea will bring storms.
  • Nailing a horseshoe to a mast can protect a ship from a storm.

So, remember, never whistle on a boat may seem like great advice if you don’t have a weather app and you think you can conjure up a storm.

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