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A Tale of Two Classic Moth Boats

Classic Moth Boats

Classic Moth Boats are a wooden boat builder’s dream project. You might know us for building our Penobscot Wherries, Maine Whitehalls, and the Catspaws. We’re even known for our restoration projects, and giving out advice on how to take loving care of your small craft sailing boats. But did you know that we take on unusual projects as well?

In 2014, we received a request to build two Classic Moths from a gentleman wanting to relive the glory days of his sailing youth. After a bit of research, many phone calls, and emails, we came up with a plan to build them. His one direction to us was to build two of the most beautiful Classic Moths that have ever been built. A pretty tall order. We believe that our results speak for themselves.

If you’ve never heard of the Classic Moth they are really quite a treasure to behold and worth checking out. You can find lots of great information at The Classic Moth Association. Classic Moth Boats are singlehanded racing sailboats that have their roots in American boat design. First created by Joel Van Sant in North Carolina, the racing beauty packs impressive power in its 11-foot length and 75-pound weight.

The Results Astounded All of Us

To say we were excited to build these two beautiful small craft race boats is an understatement since our most popular orders are for traditional rowing craft. The opportunity to design and build something so exotic and charming really got our creative juices flowing. Lucky for us, the gentleman who ordered the twin Classic Moths was just as thrilled as we were.

We are always ready for a challenge when it comes to building small craft boats that will dazzle customers and become a point of pride. If you have a special small craft wooden boat in mind, we encourage you to give us a call and let us help you turn it into a reality.