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New Fiddlehead Tender Serves As Tablebase

We were approached by a furniture builder whose client wanted a gorgeous table with a gorgeous boat as it’s base. They decided on our Fiddlehead Tender. A 10’2″ traditionally built plank on frame.

Dale was not sure he wanted to build a boat that might not ever see the water but we were assured that it would be used at the lake for both rowing and sailing. Yes, it was a sailing tender. We were a bit skeptical if that would actually happen,but it was their boat. It seemed like a lot to go through to actually get it out from under the table and into the lake. But,again we just build them. It is not up to us to determine their use once they leave our shop.

The logistics of assembling such a project was a lot work. Thankfully all we had to do was build the boat(something we are good at).The table builder was the one who had to figure out all the details,apparently getting a 1000 pound piece of glass from NY to NH is not an easy feat. But as you can see from the pictures, it was done.

In the end Dale and Seth were happy to build it. Our glued lap plywood boats may be the bread and butter of our business, but the traditional plank on frame boats are where their true passion lies.

However, to this day I believe it breaks Dale’s heart to know that boat is probably going to live out it’s life underneath a 1000 pound piece of glass.Instead of gliding along the lake in the morning when the lake looks just like a sheet of glass.