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Here’s Why We Cut a Hole in That Beautiful Catspaw

In finishing up the Catspaw for sailing we had to cut a hole in the bottom to install a centerboard case. This basically involves building a box to fit over the centerboard to keep the water out.

But there is definitely a moment when we hold our breath before cutting that hole. Imagine spending countless hours steaming and planking, riveting, and worrying about getting every line perfect.

And then you have to cut a hole right smack in the middle of it.

Yup, it’s pretty darn stressful.

The secret to working with wood is all about patience and passion. We spend an immeasurable amount of time preparing each cut and fit before we commit to it. And even though we are perfectionists, that one moment right before cutting a hole in the bottom of a Catspaw will still give us pause.

Something a Little Less Stressful

Seth and Ben have been busy finishing up the Catspaw, which includes a lot of detail work. For example, fitting the breasthook, shaping the stem, and creating the mast. But these detailed tasks all pale in comparison to cutting a hole in the bottom of a boat!

Our Catspaw Dinghy is Joel White’s interpretation of Nat Herreshoff’s classic Columbia Dinghy. The Catspaw Dinghy is the perfect choice for those who need a larger yacht tender. It is a lovely boat to row and is stiff enough under sail to stand up to a good breeze. Check out our Catspaws here.