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Cottrell Boatbuilding

Maine's Largest Builder of Small Wooden Boats

Cottrell Boatbuilding

Builders of the Finest Wooden Rowboats, Yacht Tenders, Dinghies, Dories and Daysailer.

Maine-Built Boats

Talent, Expertise and Reputation

Cottrell Boatbuilding is Maine’s largest builder of small wooden boats. We build all manner of small boats for rowing and sailing. Wherries, Dinghies, Yacht Tenders, Dories and Daysailers. We also do custom boats. Whatever you are looking for. If your intention is to get on the water in a beautiful small wooden boat for rowing, sailing, exploring, or using as a yacht tender, come talk to us. We have the talent, expertise and reputation to build the perfect boat for you.

Quality Workmanship

You can see and feel the quality of our workmanship. At Cottrell Boatbuilding, we use centuries old traditional methods as well as modern construction techniques. We love building traditional plank on frame boats but we realize it is not for everyone. These days most of our boats are a more modern composite construction, mainly glued lap wood epoxy. The new modern wooden boat. This modern construction method results in a very rugged, lightweight, strong hull. Less expensive and easy to maintain.

Our Boats


Maine Whitehalls For centuries the Whitehall has been known for being fast, seaworthy and beautiful. It’s roots go back to the early 1800’s when these boats were the workboats of the busy harbors, ferrying captains, guests, businessmen and seamen to and from their schooners. Today’s ... Read More »

Penobscot Wherry

Pure Elegance Inspired by the old Maine salmon wherries her old world handling abilities are immediately apparent and appreciated. Our Penobscot Wherry has a rounded hull that is both double ended on the waterline (makes rowing a breeze) and has a narrow but flat bottom ... Read More »

Chaisson Dory

A great tender from the past These tenders have plied the waters of New England and beyond for many years and understandably so. Originally built in the Swampscott Massachusetts boat shop of George Chaisson, these tenders are ranked with the most respected small boat designs ... Read More »

Fiddlehead Tender

Our Fiddlehead Tender – a Traditional Plank on Frame Tender Our Fiddlehead Tender, with her sweeping, sheer, bent frames and cedar planks may possibly be one of the prettiest, sweetest yacht tenders you might ever lay eyes on. Ferry your guests from yacht to dock ... Read More »

Catspaw Sailing Dinghy

Our Catspaw Dinghy is Joel White’s interpretation of Nat Herreshoff’s classic Columbia Dinghy. The Catspaw Dinghy is the perfect choice for those who need a larger yacht tender. It is a lovely boat to row and is stiff enough under sail to stand up to ... Read More »

Custom Wooden Boats

Do you have a boat in mind that you do not see here? Do not despair. We can help. We have the skills and expertise in building custom wooden boats and crafting the boat design you have been searching for. If you have a design ... Read More »

Captain's Blog

A Tale of Two Classic Moth Boats

Classic Moth Boats Classic Moth Boats are a wooden boat builder’s dream project. You might know us for building our Penobscot Wherries, Maine Whitehalls, and the Catspaws. We’re even known for our restoration projects, and giving out advice on how to take loving care of ... Read More »

How Carry It Through Was Made

A True Father & Sons Business Carry It Through is a gorgeous short documentary. In 2014, Sara Quinn, who was a graduate student at The Salt Institute at Maine College of Art, reached out to Cottrell Boatbuilding to see if perhaps the two could team ... Read More »