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5 Essential Boating Books That We Love

Everyone has their own opinion for which books they include onboard. Here are five books that we think are excellent choices for any onboard library. Now is a great time of year to be brushing up on safety and boating basics. From tying knots to ... Read More »

A Tale of Two Classic Moth Boats

Classic Moth Boats Classic Moth Boats are a wooden boat builder’s dream project. You might know us for building our Penobscot Wherries, Maine Whitehalls, and the Catspaws. We’re even known for our restoration projects, and giving out advice on how to take loving care of ... Read More »

Basic Wooden Boat Maintenance 101

Spring is coming! Get ready for the water with this quick wooden boat maintenance guide. With a little bit of time, a few supplies, and most of all some spring fever, you can get your boat ready fast. Whether it’s your tender, rowboat or fishing ... Read More »

How Carry It Through Was Made

A True Father & Sons Business Carry It Through is a gorgeous short documentary. In 2014, Sara Quinn, who was a graduate student at The Salt Institute at Maine College of Art, reached out to Cottrell Boatbuilding to see if perhaps the two could team ... Read More »

Tadpole Tender in Small Boats Monthly

Cottrell’s 10′ Whitehall article by Christopher Cunningham in February 2017 issue of Small Boats Monthly. When Dale Cottrell started building boats in the 1970s, he was working with fiberglass, not wood. At first he made fiberglass canoes, and then in 1984 he designed and built ... Read More »

Our Newest Design 15′ Plank on Frame Whitehall

Our recently completed plank on frame whitehall is a beauty (if we do say so ourselves). We also do not believe in false modesty. Heck if we could, we would buy one. Designed for one happy Long Island customer, this Whitehall is his dream come true. Actually, it was on his bucket list.  ... Read More »

New Fiddlehead Tender Serves As Tablebase

We were approached by a furniture builder whose client wanted a gorgeous table with a gorgeous boat as it’s base. They decided on our Fiddlehead Tender. A 10’2″ traditionally built plank on frame. Dale was not sure he wanted to build a boat that might ... Read More »

Chaisson Dory in Small Boats Monthly

“Chaisson Dory, more than a tender” article by Doug Eckmann in May 2016 issue of Small Boats Monthly. I live in Fort Myers Beach, a small town on Estero Island on the southwest coast of Florida. Estero is a barrier island with a long, shallow-sloping ... Read More »